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The Railway presents:

Highway 61 Record Club Presents

The Highway 61 Record Club is a brand new listening club in Winchester. It would best be described as a book club or film society for music – a place for like-minded music fans to get together, in a relaxed environment, with a drink in hand and listen to great music on decent stereo system .

It is very kindly hosted by those lovely people at The Railway Inn, Winchester (SO225AE) and meets twice a month for two different type of listening events:

Classic Album Playback: These are held monthly on a Sunday evening (6pm-9pm) and are a more traditional listening club experience. It’s listening to classic albums – on vinyl in full and without distraction – so phones off and no talking during the main albums. There will be two albums each month and will be selected and agreed upon by club members.

Whilst the main event is all about listening to, appreciating and enjoying the music. There will of course be time to grab a drink and have a chat with like minded music fans before, after and in between albums. There will be some themed events alongside the normal monthly event.

Elephant In The Room Sessions: This is for fans of Blues, Country, Americana, Folk & Classic Rock – other genres may be added! They are held monthly on a Wednesday evening between 7pm-10pm with dates published on Facebook a month in advance and it is all about sharing our favourite music. Everybody has an album or artist they think that everyone else should hear and this is your chance to get it heard! – it may be the latest album you bought, that amazing band you stumbled upon at a festival or a long forgotten gem you think needs revisiting. Each month different club members will get the chance to recommend, you can bring in Vinyl, CD or MP3, you’ll have a 15-20 minute slot and if you wish you can introduce your choice or simply let the music do the talking! Alternatively you can just turn up, relax with a drink and listen, to discover some great new music. You can visit us on spotify @highway61rc to see what we recommend and each months choices will be added as a playlist.

Before, after and in-between the music there will of course, be the chance to grab a drink and discuss what you’ve heard and just generally chat about music

Where & When is the Highway 61 Record Club
The Highway 61 Record Club events are very kindly hosted by the awesome people at The Railway in the wonderfully intimate Attic.
Alongside being Winchester’s only dedicated live music venue, The Railway is a great place to spend an evening, with a bar serving everything you could ask for; a great selection of ales, wines from around the globe, and a wide variety of premium lagers.
The Railway (SO22 5AE) is located on St Pauls Hill in Winchester and very easy to get to, being only a couple of minutes walk from the Railway Station – who’d have guessed!

The Highway 61 Record Club holds two events a month. The Classic Album Playback event is on a Sunday each month and the ‘Elephant In The Room’ Sessions event is held monthly with the date confirmed a month in advance. If this changes details will be on the Facebook, Twitter and at the venue.

Entry is free!

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