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SC4M presents:

Kelley Stoltz Band

“I’ve had the thrill of a lifetime the last couple of months, playing rhythm guitar on tour for my heroes Echo & the Bunnymen… I’m happy to report that before I left I finished off 4 albums worth of music… and they are –

QUE AURA, my proper new album, which was released by Castleface Records on August 11, 2017.

TRANSNATIONAL SERIES VOLUME 1 contains 5 of my songs unavailable elsewhere, a collectors item to be for sure! Its’ the brainchild of some heavies in the Swiss music scene, and is the first in an ongoing series of split albums featuring two songwriters or bands from different parts of the world. My flip side partner is the delightful Augenwasser. The LP comes in a gorgeous deluxe book-like thing all designed by the great artist Ronny Hunger.

STRAT “Live at the Whammy Bar” is the latest instalment in the continuing saga of Willie Weird. Best explained by WW himself, “recorded in front of a non-existent audience in an imaginary arena” this project takes the listener on a trip through new spectrums of punk soul-funk boogie. Bad, baaad riffs, synth blasts and future pasts, lyrical genius and vocoder treatments –
History is changed every few years… Clean out your ears and the NOW sound appears!”

NATURAL CAUSES That is the name of my future album, to be released in early 2018 by some sweethearts in Spain. I won’t show you the cover now because it’s worth saving a little surprise for later, right? Right.

I’ve also done a few writing pieces for MOJO, Uncut and Shindig (#70) magazines so look for those in the new or soon to be issues.