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The Railway presents:

Martin Stephenson

Martin is an outstanding singer and songwriter, whose career in music now stretches back over thirty years of critical acclaim and relentless touring.
Born in County Durham in the Northeast of England on the 27th July 1961, Martin was initially fired up to play in a band when the punk rock phenomenon went over ground in the late 1970’s. Then as now, Martins free spirit incorporated a love for an eclectic range of musical styles, from Zappa & Beefheart, through Rockabilly, old time string music to straight-ahead rock and full tilt punk.
He convened his band The Daintees in the early 80’s with the name deliberately chosen as a response to the humourlessness and angst of much of the music of the time. The Daintees became one of the first bands to sign to the Newcastle based independent label, Kitchenware. Their debut single, Roll On Summertime was a sparkling and charming affair that announced the arrival of a considerable new talent.
After Kitchenware packed Martin and the band off to London Records, he released the marvellous debut album, Boat To Bolivia (1985) produced by future Pixies, Bunnymen and James sound engineer Gil Norton. The album was packed with excellent rootsy pop songs which boasting a veritable rainbow of styles sung and played with a youthful enthusiasm and warmth that paradoxically perhaps, displayed a mature and unique song writing talent. The album contained tracks such as the bittersweet Crocodile Cryer, the haunting Rain and the alcoholics lament, Little Red Bottle. Lengthy bouts of touring saw the band gain a reputation as a fantastic live act and cemented a loyal fan base which remains with him today.
Subsequent albums, Gladsome, Humour and Blue (1987), Salutation Road (1989) and The Boys Heart (1992) Martin was very much inspired by Patti Smith, bringing her guitarist Lenny all the way over from New York to produce it for him
Martin was constantly gaining heightened credibility as one of the Uk’s cutting edge and most uncompromising songwriters . Something which London records seemed oblivious to in their quest for hit singles. This led to Martin kicking against the constraints that the label put in his way and undertook a tour of the Scottish highlands, playing folk clubs and tiny bars.
Martin left London records in 1993 and also severed his ties with the Kitchenware management team. He signed to the west London based indie label Demon Records for whom he made three highly acclaimed albums, Yogi In My House (1995), Sweet Misdemeanour (1995) and Beyond The Leap, Beyond The Law (1997). Following the sale of Demon in 1998, Martin moved to the Tyneside based label Voiceprint and has released many unusual albums through his friendship with label owner Rob Ayling, one of which was a recording in Lincoln Cathederal, another was a field trip to North Carolina where he documented the penultimate vision of the life and times of Charlie with a beautiful works entitled ‘The Haint of the budded rose’
Free from the commercial constraints of the mainstream music industry, Martin relocated to the highlands of Scotland, and still works closely with Rob Ayling
As of late, well known promoter SImon Moran of SJM walked into one of Martin’s low key gigs and offered to promote a national tour for him, SJM are a huge company and who currently promote Happy Mondays
So the new MS & the Daintees album ‘California Star will be tied in with this national tour in April

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