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The Railway presents:

The Cabaret Project

A ramshackle night of comedy, magic, music and threatening silences designed to delight, educate and confuse audiences.
Are you searching for meaning and purpose? Do you seek a sense of connection and self-worth? Have you still got far too many of the old pound coins hanging around in your life?

If so then this is the night for you! We guarantee absolutely nothing, and expect nothing of you in return (except payment).

So come along! Relax, make new friends, and enjoy sitting in seats (provided FREE of charge).

Hugs and kisses, Richard (your cracked and broken host) x

Confirmed acts include:

*The devils work – MAGIC with Mr Alex Whitwell!
*Magical words – POETRY with Jago!
*Sublime singing – MUSIC with Wendy Jane!
*Shakespeare done proper – COMEDY with Messy Play Theatre!
*Goodness knows what – LOCAL ROGUE Stephen Ripper!
*21st Century whimsy – CLOWNING with Dan Stotesbury