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Roots Night

The Ogretones – Shrek Soundtrack Tribute Band

Mississippi MacDonald + Waxwork Figurine

Roots Night

Attrition + Continental Liaison + Kinki

Speak No Evil – A Tribute To Wayne Shorter

Roots Night


Call Of Sirens + Sabres + Violent Origin + Vision

Roots Night

Splintering Heart – A tribute to Marillion

Noah and The Loners – MVT United by Music Tour

Roots Night

Redhead + Vexmantra + Love is Enough + The MACS

Grohlercoaster + Audiorage

Roots Night

The Blurtones (90s Tribute)

The Strange Doors (Doors Tribute)

Roots Night

Prima Queen – MVT United By Music Tour

Chemical Dance/Musik Maschine (Chemical Brothers Kraftwerk)

Liz Stringer (Aus) + Sarah Rose

Liam Wakefield + Jot Sloppy + KAT + Rob Butler

Roots Night


The Fix + The Station + Guests

Stompin’ Dave and Lucy Piper Trio