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The Railway and Maladroit Productions presents:

Climbing to The Moon – A One Act Play

date_range 24/01/2023 query_builder 8:00 pm home Platform 2 account_box 18+ local_play Adv: £7.50local_play Door: £10.00
A one-act musical play based on the album Electro-Shock Blues by Eels.


Climbing to the Moon£7.50

A booking fee of 11% will be added to each order. This fee goes straight to maintaining the venue.

Growing up in an unorthodox household in suburban Virginia against a backdrop of the angst-ridden 1960s cold-war, brother and sister Mark and Liz both entered adulthood damaged by their upbringing. But there was one difference: while Liz found her escape via alcohol and drugs, Mark found his through music. As Mark finds critical and commercial success through his band Eels’s debut album Beautiful Freak, Liz continues to struggle and is committed to an institution before taking her own life. Instead of creating a commercial follow-up to Beautiful Freak, Mark decides to use his second album Electro-Shock Blues as a way to tell Liz’s story and give her the creative outlet she never had in life.

Told partly through the lyrics from Electro-Shock Blues and partly through flashbacks exploring Mark and Liz’s relationship, this one act play tells the story of these two siblings, and the cathartic and redemptive qualities of music.

Content warning: contains references to suicide

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