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Derailed Summer Special
Derailed Presents presents:

Derailed All Day Summer Special

date_range 24/08/2019 query_builder 2:30 pm home Platform 1 account_box 18+ local_play Adv: £3.00local_play Door: £5.00
All aboard for a Summer Special day of Festivities and fun!! Derailed presents 4 stages of theatre, music, poetry and so much more! Pizza, Cocktails, Outside theatre, and so much more.



Come and join the mad magic on this day long spectacular/ Free during the day and cheap in the evening!!!


there will be pizzas a cooking by the lovely Harry Madden!!!


The Outside cocktail bar will be in action for your funky consumption!!!


Oh yes weather can’t stop or dictate us, there will be brilliant garden entertainment for you!


There will be all sorts to stimulate your fantastic minds on!


Europhic symphonic electronica, visceral live performance, beautifully sculpted epic rave from Winchester & Railway favourites!

Plus Support From

The Limes

The Limes are a forward looking musical combo founded on the bedrock of Jimmy Ahmadinejad’s “Firm but Fair” dictatorship, and the fusion of equal parts jazz and funk. It’s future depends upon obtaining, sustaining and retaining fans of the highest quality, ensuring they are equipped with the highest possible standard of ear plugs/drugs/conselling. Going crazy for your entertainment The Limes are ready to rock for you.

The Goose and The Crow

The Goose and The Crow have been entertaining gentlefolk for the past 467 years. They perform a collection of songs that they have written themselves and a few they have collected on their travels. Expect the unexpected as you listen to their dark, twisted musical musings on humanity. Their lyrics are most certainly not for the faint hearted or easily offended.

Dan O'Farrell & The Difference Engine

Described as ‘erudite, morose and challenging’ and ‘arguably Southampton’s finest song-writer’, Dan O’Farrell writes and sings songs of satirical vehemence

Dan O’Farrell’s songs brought to ferocious life by The Difference Engine – guitar/double-bass & drums

Jeu Jeu la Foille

Sometimes political, often fierce, always ridiculous…a cabaret clown from 2010 to 2016 Frontal Lobotomy – a solo, spoken word performance…Visual storytelling and poetry, spun together with a Tom Waits inspired soundtrack, and smattering of weird science.

Burlesque maverick Jeu Jeu la Foille fuses original beat poetry with Waitsian tormented lullabies and woozy mythology; punctuated with scientific accounts of transorbital lobotomy, and featuring a toy shop orchestra of musical reprobates.

‘This amount of cleverness and hotness should be illegal…’Barelesque’Pure, raw schadenfreude’Cabaret Roulette’A truly creative talent’

Burlesque Magazine

Lottie Dean-Clist

Winner of Hat Fair’s Top Hat Award, street artist, puppeteer and poet Lottie will be delivering this award winning show in the Outside thearte.

Dan Stotesbury

Brilliant, manic and completely mad hat, Dan brings a brilliant energy across characters that will charm, horrify and grip you, but quite what grips is never known. Horace Boris, The Schlockmeister  and The Bus Driver are just some of his insane cast of creations.

Mollie Russell

GHOULISH! GLAMOROUS! NOW IN SPINE-TINGLING TECHNICOLOUR! Despite what superstition may tell you, Mollie Russell did not emerge from a forgotten tomb or the eyeliner wings of Siouxsie Sioux. She cannot be stopped by garlic, silver bullets, or religious iconography.Instead, she delivers conversational confessionals on all sorts of 21st-century horrors: politics, living with autism, womanhood – and some really terrible birthday parties. Her ghastly presence often haunts the drinking establishments of Winchester and Southampton, and she has even been spotted lingering on the festive stages of SO: To Speak and All in the Mind Festival.

FAP with Friends in the Attic Presents:

Fly Away Peter

Based in Winchester, Fly Away Peter are tellers of stories and collectors of artistic friends. Performing unplugged and acoustic where possible, Flis Pitman (vocals, guitar) & Phil Aldridge (bass, backing vocals) live somewhere between folk tales and anthems. Through powerful vocals and cleverly worked guitar, Fly Away Peter want to take you on a journey, each song a part of a larger story…

Clara Canning

Clare Canning writes and performs glittering and literate gems of baroque-n-roll folk songs. Gentle but dark, the melodies hook the listener’s mind and sweep it somewhere fresh, timeless and intoxicating.

Poetry Platform Presents

Gracie Bawden

Gracie’s poetry is a confessional performance; her diary read aloud in uncomfortably honest free verse. It is sometimes self-deprecating, and sometimes a fierce attack on the world, the patriarchy and the audience. Gracie has been performing at The Railway Inn (amongst other places) for about six years now. In her spare time, she likes to prop up the bar, making all sorts of fun, new mistakes she can write about.

Hayden Needham

A vessel of nonsensicals with no thematic link, featuring sea monsters, soldier snakes, crustacean courts and wailing wraiths, wxperience the wild world where AMALGAM takes its place, perhaps it’s not for you but if it is then join the crew listen along, have fun, and come aboard this cursed cruise…

Pete Zasorgon

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