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Noise niight


date_range 08/12/2021 query_builder 7:00 pm home Platform 1 account_box 18+ local_play Free Entry
A free entry workshop for anyone looking to create Noise/Performance art - bring your own amp and instrument and come make some noise!

A couple of students from the University of Winchester are putting together an event to be hosted at the Railway based around exploration of avant-garde forms of music – specifically, Noise/Performance art. The idea is for everyone to have an equal voice, to express themselves through music in its most primal form – the creation of sound. Come along to this unique expressionist experience – any and all instruments (and instrumentalists) are welcome!

Bring your own amp and guitar, earplugs provided by The Railway, get here for 7:00pm to get involved!


18+ (Please email if you’re younger than this if you want to attend, you will have to come with your legal guardian and provide photographic ID ahead of you coming to the venue)

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