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The Railway presents:

Paddy O’Turner and The Celtic Vagabond

date_range 24/09/2023 query_builder 7:30 pm home Platform 1 account_box 18+ local_play Adv: £8.00local_play Door: £11.00
"Retro - Celtic - Non - Trad - Sci-fi - Rock-and-Roll - Bubblegum - Fusion"


Online tickets aren’t currently available for this show. They may still be available on the door.

Ticket’s normally come off sale 2 hours before the published doors opening time.

Fuelled by hundreds of years of cultural heritage and half a century’s worth of genre inspiration, Celtic Vagabond are a dazzling display of pure unadulterated love for our collective musical roots and a deeply rooted nostalgia for the bands of our childhood. Visceral and rich, they are a truly unmissable stop if you ever have the chance!

P@ddy “King of the Rocket Men” O’Turner brings his own very personal angle to traditional Irish music, Like no other. The seventh son of the seventh son of a guitar maker, dragged around folk festivals as a young boy and made to learn the violin. He was usually the bow going in the wrong direction in the orchestra so gave up violin forever (or so he thought at the time) in favour of a guitar. He learned to Rock, he learned to roll, he learned to set houses on fire.

Amos “The Wig”, a student of the musical arts brings to the table a timeless mix of both old and new instruments, paying hommage to folk tradition while pulling us gently into the future with otherworldly sounds seemingly taken directly from space itself!

Nino, “he hits stuff”. A very serious percussionist. Just out of prison. Don’t mess with him.

Traditional Irish music played on some (and some not) traditional instruments in an un-traditional way.

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Ribble: Two Northern men, a fiddle, a guitar, and a large beard. So far, so what?Well, add in a 90s drum synth, some mighty arrangements of meaty fiddle tunes, some songs, some wrong turns, battle scars earned busking the streets of Salisbury, a barrow load of inane banter and the feeling that your mad rum-soaked uncle is roaring at you to dance on the tables, then you’re getting close to what Ribble offer. You get a free smile with every gig or your money back (terms and conditions apply)..

Foxbridge is an acoustic duo with harmonies to pierce the soul. Honest, beautiful songs about the dusty rooms of life. Justin Capps brings the experience of growing up in America with a hugely diverse musical background and Emily Walton brings a touch of class and English refinement. Together they dive deep into the stories and characters of Foxbridge’s songs, combining two of the freshest and most spellbinding voices to bring them to life.

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