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  • The Ramonas

    The Ramonas are an all female tribute to the iconic New York Punk Rock band Ramones

  • Funke and the Two Tone Baby

  • Chris Arnold, creator of Cool Beans, presents a comedy show with Powerpoint, Pandas & Panpipes

  • Sulpher, the band fronted by former Marylin Manson / Gary Numan / The Prodigy guitarist Rob Holliday

  • There are around 123,000 cases of sepsis a year in England

  • Pulling on influences from the 60s pop of The Byrds, The Beatles and The Beach Boys

  • Jones is clearly in the business of thwarting expectations; no bad thing when the group are as good as this…….It’s controlled chaos and The Righteous Mind deliver on all levels tonight

  • Ventenner and Cold in Berlin

  • April

  • The Undercover Hippy (Full Band)

  • Flight Brigade

  • Disco’s Revenge Party

  • Caester Big Band and Friends presents: A Jazz Night

  • May

  • The Mocking Jays

  • Rhino’s Revenge hits the road again in 2019

  • Artmagic (Feat Richard Oakes from Suede)

  • Disco’s Revenge Party

  • August

  • Formed in 2015 from their love of progressive rock

  • November

  • Blank Manskript