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Ruled By Raptors
The Railway presents:

Ruled By Raptors

date_range 28/02/2024 query_builder 7:30 pm home Platform 1 account_box 18+ local_play Adv: £7.00local_play Door: £10.00
Ruled By Raptors emerged in 2018, playing a bracing and achingly sincere brand of post-hardcore that ably balances grit and heft with powerful melodic chops and a uniquely proggy sensibility.


Ruled By Raptors£7.00

A booking fee of 11% will be added to each order. This fee goes straight to maintaining the venue.

Newcastle, UK quartet Ruled By Raptors emerged fully-formed in 2018, playing a bracing and achingly sincere brand of post-hardcore that ably balances grit and heft with powerful melodic chops and a uniquely proggy sensibility. Ruled By Raptors first came together out of the ashes of the formidable Northumberland based band Digits, in which vocalist/guitarist Chris Bradley, bassist Nick Oliver, and drummer Will Robson had all previously played together. Matthew Dewar, a fellow guitarist whose melodic and technical sensibilities gelled perfectly with the rest of the band, joined the fold, and as they set about building fresh songs from the rough bones of a few leftover Digits tracks, they realized they were creating something entirely new and special. The result was 2019’s Ouroboros EP, a self-produced endeavor which was then mastered by Romesh Dodangoda (who has worked with other heavy UK luminaries such as Bring Me the Horizon, Motorhead and Funeral for a Friend). Ouroboros was a perfect introduction to the band’s sound: pulled from major generational influences like Biffy Clyro and Deftones, but completely invigorating, dynamically heavy, and melodically sound all at once. Ruled By Raptors followed the EP up with a slurry of touring, including a run with MC Lars, Mega Ran, and Koo Koo Kanga Roo for the 10th anniversary tour of This Gigantic Robot Kills (Ruled By Raptors acted as both a featured opening act and as backing band for nerdcore legend Lars). Though briefly slowed by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ruled By Raptors regrouped and rebounded. Working once again with Romesh Dodangoda, the foursome stepped into the producer’s Cardiff, Wales-based Longwave Studio to cut their four-track sophomore EP, Silent Sound. Silent Sound erupts from a deeply personal, as well as archly political, space within the band– at times even more heavy and volatile than their previous material, yet also more mature, emotional, and catchy as well. A musical coming-of-age moment for Ruled By Raptors, it serves as a collection of their most polished, most cathartic, and most immediate material yet. ♫♪♪

Providing the riffs of support will be

Under The Sky: Formed in Southampton in 2021, Under The Sky have mixed metalcore, deathcore and melodic death metal with their debut EP release ‘Ashes In The Wind’. Looking to expand their live repertoire, the band have gigged extensively over the last year, including a packed hometown headline at The Joiners. ♫♪♪

LUMP: The self proclaimed kings of Mongrel Rock, bring you the stories of Salisbury – the people, the places and events. Pounding drums, overdriven guitars and a hint of silliness is delivered by possibly four of the best looking men in rock. The “new saviour of rock n’ roll” (or should that read sausage roll?) are led by Colin and his considerable vocal presence (and the odd guitar noodle) with backing from a mega tight rhythm section and a ‘slightly’ energetic bass player. LUMP released their first EP in 2021, entitled “A Quintessential English Scandal”  containing three highly energetic anthems, including one based around a certain incident in Salisbury that involved a couple of Russians that resulted in the closing of Greggs the bakers! The “Old Punk Daze” EP was released in 2022 and features three very popular live bangers! Live performances are a mixture of confused chaos and crowd pleasing mayhem. You never feel shortchanged after a LUMP set! ♫♪♪

Dead Man’s Pistol are an energetic and quirky heavy metal band who are not afraid of the dark. Stig Price fronts the band with his penetrative vocals that you not only hear, but feel with every fibre of your being. Owen Hedges plays ferocious bass lines with a cavalier attitude. Whilst Matty Wylie and Johnny ‘The Joker’ Stilwell entertain the crowd with their catchy riffs and melodic guitar solos. Finally, Holly Seabrook keeps the band sounding incredible as she plays the drums with an intensity you will never forget!

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