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Seething Akira + Apocalypse Club Night

date_range 10/12/2021 query_builder 7:30 pm home Platform 1 account_box 18+
Seething Akira rock The Railway before the first ever Apocalypse club night!


Admission to Seething Akira show and club£12.50

A booking fee of 11% will be added to each order. This fee goes straight to maintaining the venue.


Seething Akira are a 6 piece Electronic Nu-core band, residing in the seafront city of Portsmouth, UK. Delivering anger, despair, defiance & unapologetic heart-felt honesty. Do you want to escape the mundane, relentless monotony of dysfunctional normality? It’s about time that you cut ties.

Making their debut in support of Seething Akira will be Days In Wake:

Days In Wake sail across multiple genres in their scene combining the brutal aggressive power of rhythmic modern metalcore with the sleek addictive potency of melodic post hardcore blended with a haunting bittersweet ambience that delivers a unique sonic footprint. In 2021 the band fully recorded their first song “Sleeptalk” alongside a second single entitled “Blank Canvas” which set the blue prints for the band’s sound and was met with acclaim across the scene: “Days In Wake are a fresh take on the metalcore genre with the perfect blend of vocals, riffs and songwriting to take them to the top of the scene” (Kriss XI).

Also debuting on this night will be the inaugural Apocalypse Winchester club night.

Here’s what Apocalypse is about: Music from when Dave Grohl was still in Nirvana, Pokemon was essential afternoon viewing, and when teaching your Furby to swear was the highlight of your afternoon, Apocalypse brings you the anthemic songs from your teenage years, your guilty pleasures to scream along to, and the most danceable moshable songs around. We’ll play all the songs you want to hear but ALSO those wonderful hidden gems, hilariously awful mash ups, and remixes that just don’t get the air time they deserve! Our DJ’s will also slip in a few of those pre-90’s songs you can’t help but air guitar along to… as well as a few geeky tributes.

The ticket for this event covers the entry to both the gig as well as the club night, £12.50 advance/£15.00 on the door.

This show is 18+ only.

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