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The Railway presents:

The ModCons

date_range 13/01/2024 query_builder 7:30 pm home Platform 1 account_box 18+ local_play Adv: £10.00local_play Door: £12.00
ModCons are a Jam tribute act playing the music of the iconic Mod revival band – let us take you back to your youth!


The ModCons£10.00

A booking fee of 11% will be added to each order. This fee goes straight to maintaining the venue.

The ModCons

ModCons are fast becoming one of the most demanded Jam tribute bands in the south bringing the iconic music of the Mod revival band from the late ‘70s and ‘80s to new and older audiences alike.

They bring to life the music of Weller, Foxton and Buckler by situating the lyrics in the politics of the era, illustrating to social injustices that inspired the band and their music. Sound familiar?

Sup up your beer and collect your fags and let us take you back to your youth.

Catfishing The Bottlemen

Taking the best tracks from The Balcony and The Ride, Catfishing the Bottlemen have created a fully loaded live set that strives to recreate the energy of Catfish and the Bottlemen. While the band themselves may be gone, this is the only way to take a nostalgic trip to the better days of Fifa15.

The Marmalade Band

The Marmalade Band is a group made up of five members, that is, Lewis West, Fleur Coleman, Jess Mossman, Finlay Norris-Hill and Ella Batchelor. We founded the group in April of 2023. Lewis took the reigns of creating the band and therefore is the main management side of it.

When Lewis started the band it was initially four members, three of whom are still in said band. He decided the time was right to start a band as he saw someone needed a band to shoot a music video. So we took this opportunity and filmed a recreation of the “Paperback Writer” music video by The Beatles.

All members of the band have met each other through their time at Peter Symonds College as they all did the same music course and have played alongside one another prior to the formation.

The Marmalade band is not a band of just one sound, they play many different genres of music including the likes of reggae, acoustic ballads and progressive metal. We look to create our own music in future as we are currently in the process of writing.

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