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The Barn 120 Capacity (Standing)


Width – 5.5m
Depth – 3m
Height – 0.3m
Clearance – 2.24m

Distance from front of stage to Mix Position – 7.7m


2x Nexo PS15
2x CVA 18” Subs

2x Crest CA18
Nexo TD15 Controller
BSS Soundweb


4x CVA Max15
2x Crest CA6
1x Mackie TH-18 Active sub


Behringer X32 (24/4 Multicore)


8x Par56 LED
2x Par56 LED Up lighters under rear upright truss
12x Par16 Birdie’s configured as blinders on rear upright truss
3x 500w Fresnel Stage Facing
PC running Chamsys MagicQ
Chamsys Mini Wing


Tama Silverstar – 22”x16”, 16”x16”, 12”x12” inc. Hardware £10 per show
Behringer BX600 1×12” Bass Combo £5 per show
Laney GC120 2×12” Guitar Combo £5 per show
Please e-mail well in advance of your show to confirm backline availability.

Load-in- From Venue Car-Park through fire exit – 2 shallow steps up. Please note – Fire exit only to be used for Load in/out and is to be kept shut at all times, and not opened without venue permission. Absolutely no equipment/cases are to be stored in the fire exit area

Storage- There are no storage facilities for this venue. Band’s must load out directly after stage time and follow a strict ‘Air-Lock’ system with the fire exit doors

Dressing Rooms- There are no dressing room facilities, however with notice and only for certain shows, the upstairs office can be made available. Access to this is only through ‘the Attic’ venue

The Attic 60 Capacity (Mixed Seating/Standing)


2x Nexo PS8
Nexo PS8TD Controller
1x Crest CA6

(Please note system is in Mono – One side of amp is used for FOH, the other for Monitoring)


2x Nexo PS8 (as a pair on one send)
Nexo PS8TD Controller
1x Crest CA6


Soundcraft Spirit E8 (8x Mic channels, 2x Stereo Line channels, 2x Aux send – global pre/post fade)
3x Behringer Composer Dynamics – 6 channels total Comp/Gate
1x Lexicon MPX100


4x Par56 LED
2x 500w Fresnel
5x Par 16 Down lights (House Lights)
Various DMX controlled table lamps/fire place
8 Channel Generic DMX controller

Load-in- From side street one step down or through bar up one flight of stairs

Storage- Small cases/instruments can be stored in the adjoining office/dressing room

Dressing Rooms- Adjoining office available with notice and for certain shows only. This may be shared with shows in ‘the Barn’

Other info:

Input (Whole Venue)

4x Shure SM58
3x Shure Beta58
1x Sennhieser e845
2x Shure SM57
1x Shure PG57
1x Shure Beta52
1x AKG D112
3x Sennhieser e604
6x Various DI’s

Other Mic’s available with notice
Selection of Tall and Short Boom Stands
Selection of 5m/10m XLR, Various Looms/Drops etc

General Venue Info

  • Please note ‘The Attic’ is only suitable for acoustic acts and DJs due to strict noise control measures. No full drum kits will be permitted.
  • Due to Health and safety reasons only bottled drinks will be allowed on stage.
  • The Car park has ample space for any splitter/sleeper, is monitored by CCTV, and has a single 13amp electric hook up.
  • We are not responsible for any damage or theft to any vehicle/equipment brought onto the premises
  • The car park operates on a first come first serve basis; please park sensibly and considerately.
  • All equipment bought onto site by visiting acts should display a current PAT pass label and be safe for use. If the duty engineer for the night feels that a piece of electrical equipment is not safe for use, it will not be used at their discretion.
  • All banners should have a fire rating certificate. No home made banners will be allowed.
  • Bands/Artists are NOT permitted to bring their own alcoholic drinks on to the premises.
  • Any damage made to venue equipment by a band/artist or a member of their crew which is deemed intentional or avoidable will be charged to the artist or their representative on the night.